1) Will my donation be exhibited anonymously?

Yes. Each exhibit is showcased with its title, the duration/dates of the relationship, city/country of origin and the accompanying story. Your personal information (name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number) can be accessed solely by the museum staff. Don’t worry, we guarantee absolute discretion.

2) Do I have to give my full name and surname?

Yes. By stating your full name and surname and singing the donation form you are giving your consent to unlimited display and potential reproduction and publication of your donation on all museum material.

3) Does the donation have to be a single object or can it be something else – a letter, a photograph, several different items, video or audio material, an e-mail..?

Our diverse collection imposes no restrictions. The choice and content of the donation are entirely up to you. In case the donation is an extremely fragile, large or valuable item (like a moped or a concert piano), you can share all your doubts and queries with us via e-mail and we will try to come up with a solution.

4) What exactly is “the story”?

The story, that is, the description is your own creation, your personal confession, the display caption accompanying the object you are entrusting us with. Be frank, withdrawn, furious, imaginative, witty or sad. Through your story you create the museum display – it is your stage.

There are no restrictions regarding the style or the length of your text (it can be a single sentence, but we don’t recommend texts longer than a few standard pages). Since it is our duty to provide anonymity, the story must not contain full names or personal data of a third party or your own. Also, it must not be offensive or discriminatory on personal, sexual, racial, religious, national or ethnic grounds.

5) In which language should I fill in the donation form?

Since we express ourselves best and easiest in the language we use daily, we encourage you to write in your mother tongue. This allows for a fluent articulation of emotion and adds to the authenticity of your story. Our translators will do their best to provide a quality translation that reflects the spirit and style of the original text.

6) Will I be informed of the acceptance of my donation?

As a rule we tend to accept all donations. Once your donation reaches our museum, our administrator will inform you of its arrival via email.

The story accompanying the exhibit shouldn’t be written as an application as we exhibit all stories in their original form without any intervention or censorship on our behalf. We do, however, retain the right to refuse a donation which we deem to be offensive or discriminatory on personal, sexual, racial, religious, national or ethnic grounds.

7) If and when will my donation be exhibited?

There is no rule regarding the exhibiting of donations. Once donated to the museum your donation becomes part of our collection. Exhibits featured in our current permanent or travelling displays, catalogues and other museum publications are chosen with regard to our current plans, specific themes and the size of the exhibition space.

We would also kindly ask you to take into consideration that due to the considerable size of our collection we are able to annually exhibit only about 15% of our collection.  All of your stories are important to us and the fact that objective restrictions prevent us from exhibiting all of them by no means detracts from their value and importance.

8) Can I personally deliver the donation to the museum?

Yes. It’s important that the donation is accompanied by the signed PDF form which you will receive to your e-mail address after filling in the form on our website.

9) Which donation form should I fill in?

Generally, you should fill in the standard form under the link “SEND YOUR EXHIBIT”. Sometimes, however, our website contains additional donation forms for current travelling exhibitions (e.g. “London donations”) which are mainly directed at local donors. If you belong to the area in question (e.g. London) and you wish to take part in our current travelling exhibition, you should fill in the form pertaining to that particular exhibition.

10) What if I haven’t found the answer to my question?

Write to us at museum.collection@brokenships.com.